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Q: What services do you offer at Amazing Feet Spa?

A: We offer feet massages, custom orthotics services, and complete analysis of your feet conditions.


Q: What is the purpose of a feet massage?

A: The purpose of a feet massage is to relieve stress, tension, and pain in your feet and promote relaxation throughout your entire body.


Q: How long does a typical feet massage session last?

A: A typical feet massage session lasts about 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of massage you choose.


Q: How do I schedule an appointment at Amazing Feet Spa?

A: You can schedule an appointment by calling us at our contact number or visiting our website to book online.


Q: Are your reflexologists and foot specialists licensed and experienced?

A: Yes, all of our reflexologists and foot specialists are licensed and experienced. They are trained to provide the best care possible for your feet.


Q: What should I expect during my feet massage session?

A: During your feet massage session, you can expect a relaxing and calming environment, a complete analysis of your feet conditions, and professional care from our experienced reflexologists and foot specialists.


Q: How much does a feet massage session cost?

A: Our prices vary depending on the type of massage and length of the session. Please visit our website or call us to inquire about our prices.


Q: What precautions are you taking to ensure the safety and health of your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: We are following all recommended guidelines by the CDC and local health authorities to ensure the safety and health of our customers. This includes wearing masks, sanitizing equipment and surfaces regularly, and enforcing social distancing measures.