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Foot Massage: Useless or Effective?

When your feet are tired and aching from standing all day, you can often find yourself wondering whether a foot massage will be worth it, or will it be a useless endeavor. The answer needs some consideration, but for the most part, it will depend on what you mean by massage.


A massage via a machine you purchased from Walmart may feel good while it’s happening. However, it’s an inferior treatment when you compare it to having your feet massaged by a professional masseuse or reflexologist. A massage machine may give you five minutes of relief, while the comfort provided by a human professional can last for days.


The real question then becomes, what benefits will you receive from getting a foot massage?


Foot Massage Health Benefits


Reflexology is a traditional style of treatment that manipulates one area of the body using applied pressure, to provide benefits to another area of the body. For instance, there are parts of your foot that can be linked to other areas of your body, such as the liver, kidneys, and heart.


When your reflexologist manipulates certain parts of your foot, it can improve the function of your vital organs.


Reduce Inflammation


Swollen feet are a common problem for people who need to stand up at work all day. A professional massage helps to improve circulation and get the fluids trapped in your feet moving again.


Reduce Stress


We all need ways to destress, and if you’ve never tried a foot massage before, you may be surprised about how good you feel all over once the treatment is complete.


Many people report how amazed they are about how a 30-minute session on the feet manages to make them feel good all over. For a lot of people, a foot massage is a perfect way to spoil themselves and destress after a tough week.


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