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Why a massage is good after a run to feel better the next following days?

Life is for challenges and what better challenge than a run. You may even follow physical and psychological training to be able to meet this challenge. However, some people also have concerns about the run, especially after a run, and the fear of pain may make some people doubt it. In this article, we’ll take a look at how massages can help you feel better after a run.


Improve the blood circulation

Doing a massage the day after your runhas beneficial effects on your health and especially your blood circulation. Your body has been subjected to great exertion for an extended period of time and with the help of a massage, it can greatly help your blood circulation to circulate better and thus make you feel better quickly.


Reduce inflammation

It’s not only blood circulation that massage can improve, but it can also reduce inflammation and the likelihood of getting an injury. Indeed, after a runyour muscles can be inflamed due to the effort you have produced, if it is not taken into account this pain can remain or in some cases lead to complications for the resumption of a sporting activity quickly.


When to do a massage

The best time to massage for it to be effective is the day after your run or two days after. If you do it right after the run the massage can be counterproductive and the pain may stay on longer even though you will feel better right after the massage, so be careful. If the pain is still there you can wait another day. Keep in mind that a deep massage stresses your muscles, so take care of them if you feel the need.


(Bonus) Don’t do a massage right before the run

It is also not recommended to do a deep massage just before the race, as your muscles will not be ready to give the effort you need to run effectively for the duration of the run. If you really want to have a massage before the run, it should be at least two days before the run, so that your muscles can be sufficiently rested.


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