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How to get rid of Orange Peel Skin?

As you age, skin texture changes, and different issues start to manifest on the skin. One of the most common problems women face is pitting, known as the “orange peel skin” condition.


What is Orange Peel Skin?


Notice how the surface of an orange fruit has dimples and pore-like depressions. This is where the term “orange peel skin”, which refers to enlarged pores and pitting of the skin, is coined.


While skin texture is highly dependent on genetics, there are several other causes of this skin condition. Dehydration and poor cell turnover combined emphasize the appearance of rough skin as it leaves a cellophane-like sheen while cell build-up enhances shadows and makes pores look bigger. Aging, cellulite, skin infection, and cancer are factors to consider too.


Perfectly flawless baby-like skin may be impossible to achieve, but there are ways to minimize the appearance of orange peel skin. Getting a massage is the top choice for most people and here’s why.


How Can a Professional Massage Help Rid of Orange Peel Skin?


Good nutrition and consistent exercise help improve problem areas on the skin. But their effects are more “from the inside” so to enhance the structure of the skin, a professional massage is a solution.


  1. Massages reduce the manifestation of cellulite. 


Cellulite causes orange peel skin, and during a massage, proper mechanical and reflex techniques are applied on the skin tissues that target problem areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


  1. Massages stimulate the lymphatic system. 


The body’s lymphatic system plays a big role in minimizing the effects of orange peel skin. Because it is closely related to the circulatory system, it stimulates the exchange between the cells and intercellular fluid during a good massage. As a result, cell nutrition is improved, and cell renewal is accelerated to induce rejuvenating effects on the skin.


  1. Massages eliminate swelling of the pores. 


It also enhances skin respiration as it triggers the release of excess fluids from the system.


Instead of fixing your skin problems, incorrect massage techniques, can worsen the condition and even cause further skin damage. Trust only the best professional masseurs with solid experience to treat your skin. Book a session with Amazing Feet Fl today!

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